Brands of the Best in Car GPS

Author: Sabina Silverstein       Date: 2012-03-05

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There are a lot of people that think getting a good GPS system is going to be hard. The fact is knowing what you want and what each has to offer can help to understand what the buyer should get and how they can get the best one for them.

Garmin GPS

There are a lot of good things that make this one of the best in car GPS systems on the market today. The Garmin is a small compact option that is good for those that want to make sure they are getting to where they need to be. It also offers voice options that will tell them where to go instead of the need to glance at the system. It also has some options that are not related to navigation, but that still may help a buyer. These options include a calculator, a currency converter and a world clock.

TomTom GPS

The TomTom GPS is a great navigation system that offers a lot of options. These include a trip option that will map out the entire trip and give the user mileage on where they are going. Another thing it can do is to use a voice option just as the Garmin does with it's system. This is a great system for those that want to take the navigation systems with them. This way they can use it with more than one car. If the user is someone that likes to rent cars, they may want this option so they will never be without their navigation.

Cell Phone Navigation

There are a lot of cellular phones that offer programs that can help them navigate. this might seem like a great option, but the problem is that they are not always correct. These systems are not going to work as well as the stand alone GPS systems. The best in car GPS navigation systems are probably going to be more worth the money than trying to get one on the phone they own.

There are many different options a person can get when they are looking at the best in car GPS systems. They just need to take a little time and really look at the options they have in front of them. This way they can get the best one for the needs they have. No one wants to spend money on something that is not going to work for them.

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