Fast Magazine Checks out the 2008 Geneva Autoshow!

Author: Matthew Williams       Date: 2008-09-04

keywords: Geneva Auto Show, Concept Cars

Every auto show has its unique qualities; the LA auto show's unveilings have the glitz and glamor of a Hollywood premier, while the Detroit auto show is synonymous with unveiling of America's best. But die hard auto fans make the trans Atlantic journey every year to the Switzerland for the Geneva Auto Show.

Switzerland is truly an international country, being bordered by France, Italy, and Germany. One of the few places in the world where a car nut can walk down an aisle of the show and hear other car nuts that are American, English, Japanese, French, German, and Italian.

With all this internationalness comes all of the best European and English car makes (and of course the almighty muscle of America).

So enjoy this photo recap of a truly amazing auto show.

A Swedish concept that would be capable of going from land to sea.

Some say its all smoke and mirrors, well Alfa Romeo's display was only the mirrors and a beautiful car of course.

Honda's much anticipated CR-Z hybrid sports coupe.

Is a four wheel motorcycle still a motorcycle?

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