Get Your Bearings Straight!

Author: Matthew Williams       Date: 2008-08-24

keywords: GPS, Navigation, Gear, Car Audio

Every time I write down directions from someone or even copy them down from Google maps, I always end up getting lost. Now I know you're thinking why don't you just print out the directions? Well my printers out of ink right now.

But those days of printing directions or getting directions and then getting lost are over thanks to portable Global Positioning Systems.

With names like Tom Tom, Magellan, and Garmin, these cool little portable GPS are getting you to your destination faster and easier. These units are easy to attach to your car, by simply sticking them to the windshield and have features like a 4.3 LCD touchscreen and memory card slots that recognize mp3 files.

Alright so there are a lot of cool options all in a convenient little easy to attach package, but that has to set you back several hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

Well in reality, there are nice systems starting as low as 199 dollars with all of these capabilities.

You'll never have to listen to your wife or girlfriend nag about your direction skills again with these nifty portable GPS units. Thanks Tom Tom!

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