Something To Grab On To!

Author: Bill Wilson       Date: 2010-02-16

keywords: shifter, shift knob, Momo,

Shove the clutch in and grab onto that shifter cause FCC is going to check out the wonderful world of custom shift knobs! And who would have known there's such a huge variety!

While many probably never think twice about their shift knobs, there are those few and proud car nuts that value them just as much as their steering wheel, fancy rims, or super hi fi! But thats completely understandable with such a wide variety of knobs; from different materials, to modern styles, ones that light up, and of course different colors to fit your interior.

A popular style seen in cars like the Wrx STI are MOMO carbon fiber shift knobs. When weight matters, like in racing applications, carbon fiber is a godsend. Carbon fiber, while very light, can be very rigid, making it a perfect material to build parts like hoods, trunks, and even shift knobs.

However, another school of thought suggests using heavier, metal knobs. The idea here that the heft can help create a small amount of momentum while helping lodge your stick into gear.

But what if function isn't really your thing. Style in most cases is just as important and can even impress just as much. Thats why companies like MOMO also makes shift knobs that add to the ambiance of your interior, like the module light shift knob that actually lights up!

So while these stylish interior additions may not make your car go any faster, they will definitely give you something to grab onto!

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