Brands of the Best in Car GPS

Author: Sabina Silverstein      Date: 2012-03-05

Keywords: best in car gps, navigation,

There are a lot of people that think getting a good GPS system is going to be hard. The fact is knowing what you want and what each has to offer can help to understand what the buyer should get and how they can get the best one for them.

Garmin GPS MORE>>

Kenwood KDC248U In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo

Author: Roberto Sedycias      Date: 2012-02-29

Keywords: Kenwood KDC248U, Kenwood CD Player

The Kenwood KDC24U In-Dash Car Stereo is another of the devices that allows one the ability to interface a standard vehicle in-dash stereo device with an iPod or iPhone and to use the device and the vehicle's speaker system to produce rich, full-featured sound.

The KDC24U is Kenwood's least expensive in-dash vehicle stereo head unit car stereo. It offers one a wide variety of features, but it does not have features such as Bluetooth compatibility. Further, it neither offers High-Definition Radio compatibility nor Satellite Radio Compatibility. And, if one wants to integrate a Navigation unit's output through the speaker system, one will have to use the "Aux" - 3.5mm jack - output. This is also an interface for any MP3-compatible player device. MORE>>

From Techno to Classic Rock, What is the Best Driving Music?

Author: Marc Wilson      Date: 2010-04-13

Keywords: Driving, cruising, rap, hip hop, electronic, classic rock, 80's.

There's nothing that sets the mood when you're driving down that back mountain road like a freshly pressed mix cd you whooped up on your mac before heading out. But with so many genres of music, what is the best; slow your role gangsta, euro style techno, or Norwegian yodeling chorus? MORE>>

Something To Grab On To!

Author: Bill Wilson      Date: 2010-02-16

Keywords: shifter, shift knob, Momo,

Shove the clutch in and grab onto that shifter cause FCC is going to check out the wonderful world of custom shift knobs! And who would have known there's such a huge variety! MORE>>

Get Your Bearings Straight!

Author: Matthew Williams      Date: 2008-08-24

Keywords: GPS, Navigation, Gear, Car Audio

Every time I write down directions from someone or even copy them down from Google maps, I always end up getting lost. Now I know you're thinking why don't you just print out the directions? Well my printers out of ink right now.

But those days of printing directions or getting directions and then getting lost are over thanks to portable Global Positioning Systems. MORE>>


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