How Fast Can Indy Cars Go? - Automobile Racing

Author: Wendy Pan      Date: 2012-03-12

Keywords: indy,cars,fast,racing,automobiles,f1

Just how fast can Indy cars go? Well, to give you an idea, Indy cars can make it down the length of a football field plus some in less then one second. Jet airliners takeoff speeds are between 160 to 180 miles per hour. Throw some flaps or slats and a pair of wings on an Indy car, point it into the wind and there would be take off; that is how fast Indy cars can go.

Back in 1911 Ray Harroun won the very first Indianapolis 500 averaging just a hair under 75 mph. However, how fast can an Indy car go today? The average speeds of Indy cars today range from 185 to speeds over 230 miles per hour. Qualifying speeds range from 215 to 227 miles per hour. The lowest qualifying speed was recorded back in 1912 when Theodore Pilette ran 75.52 mph for a quarter mile. Back then, you had to run at least 75 mph in a quarter mile to qualify. Kenny Brack did the fastest speed recorded in qualifications at 227.598 mph in a quarter in 2005, followed up by Billy Boat in 2002, running a quarter at 226.589. MORE>>

Super Exotic Sports Cars - What You Should Know, Before Spending Any Money!

Author: Charlie Cory      Date: 2012-03-08


Before we start, let's define the term 'super exotic sports cars'. Sports cars, by definition are borderline racing cars; boasting powerful performance and sleek looks. Their prestige makes them expensive, and thus the domain of a select few. With reference to sports cars, the term "exotic" refers to vehicles produced in very limited numbers. This of course increases their exclusivity and by virtue of this, their value. Exotic sports cars will, in all likelihood, be built by smaller manufacturers or perhaps the super high-end vehicles will be created by some of the better-known car companies outside of the United States, as exclusive models. MORE>>

Fast Cars - The American Muscle

Author: Gavin Drake      Date: 2012-03-08

Keywords: Fast cars,fast cars info,muscle car,v8,mustang,corvette,firebird

In the 1960s there was a class of cars introduced to the world known as muscle cars. These cars were sleek and sporty and contained a powerful engine. Most of these cars boasted a V8 engine which was geared for speed. As these cars were produced the manufacturers were in stiff competition with each other. As each manufacturer tried to out do the other, we were led into an era of some of the fastest cars of our time. With no thought to gas and fuel efficiency, Americans seemed to be having the time of their lives. Their cars were fast and eye-catching, both on the road and on the race track. Racing stripes and flashy decals made a statement about both the car and the driver. It seemed the flashier the car the more desirable. MORE>>

How To Turn Your Family Car Into A Rally Machine

Author: Sam Qamand Jack M Mack      Date: 2012-03-07

Keywords: rally car, 4 x 4, all wheel drive, turbo charger

If you have ever watched the World Rally Championships you may have noticed a car which is very much like your own, zooming round mountain tracks performing manoeuvres you would never have thought possible as you shuffle along in a queue, deep in a busy supermarket car park. The chances are that that car really is basically the same as yours, except it has just had a team of rally engineers working on it to make it the best it could be.

For cars to be eligible to take part in the rally, the rules state that they must be a vehicle available for the general public to buy, otherwise the cars would be designed just for rallying and get a bit out of hand. This means that you really can turn your every day car into a forest stomping rally car. Here's how... MORE>>

Drift Car on a Budget - Part 1, Choosing Your Car

Author: Chip Szalewski      Date: 2012-03-07

Keywords: car,drift,drifting,yokomo,drift cars,drift king,drift racing,car drifting,drift bible,drift car,

So you're interested in drifting and want to start competing. Well before you can begin to compete you need to have a car that can compete.

This can be a problem. If you where anything like me when I started out, you don't have the cash to build a Formula D level slide machine. So what do you do? Well, do what I did; build a drift car on a budget! MORE>>


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